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Ramblings of a Teenage Boy [v-3.0] {Perfect}

...This One Goes Out To Loneliness...

Jake C.
25 June
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Bombshells accepted me. Nice.


Hey ya'll!- i started my own lil hot or not community. Only, we're different from most in that we're nice. Head over to http://www.livejournal.com/community/the_hawtness

My name is Jake. My favorite style of music is Pop, but I'm basically this HUGE audiophile, and I'll listen to anything in any style, as long as it has a good beat or good lyrics. Music is my life, and songwriting is my current 'career', lol. Anyways... uhhm... I'm 16, dirrty-blonde hair with highlights, blue eyes (actually, it all depends on the lighting... they can also be green or grey, lol)... I live in Indiana, am currently single, but always looking for the perfect guy. If you wanna delve into my life even more, read my first entry on LJ, or just ask... I promise to answer! ;-)